Monday, November 28, 2011

If I Die

OMG!! Nail bitter for sure. This book is by far my favorite hands down. In this last book you find out that Kaylees name has ended up on the reapers list and she is destined to die in seven days. When I first started reading this I thought ok they are just going to have to find a way to save her soul.Then by the time it was ending I wanted her to die which is a weird thing to think I know but if you have read this series you know the reasoning to my thinking. Yet again cant say more without giving more of the book away your just going to have to take my advice and read the series! Trust me you will enjoy it.


This Novella is awesome, I love Todds character. In the first book My Soul to Take, You meet Todd the Reaper. If you havent Read My Soul to Take yet, Then you are behind the times! But I will give you the jist of it. Todd is Nash's older dead brother and although in the first novel he comes across as alittle creepy, you come to love all his quirks in the books that follow. In the reaper it talks about the day that Todd died. It was nice to read this short story it put alot more depth to Todds character.

My Soul to Steal

Sabine. One word S*&%. Awful I know. An ex of Nash's shows up after Kaylee and Nash decide to take a break, I think that Nash and Sabine deserve eachother but Kaylee is sure she still loves Nash, the entire book you cant decide whether Sabine is bad or just annoying. Read and decide for yourselfs! I want to say more on this book but I fear of giving to much away. Still an amazing series!!!

My Soul to Keep

I take back my last comment about loving the Nash and Kaylee duo! At first I thought oh they are adorable but then I read My Soul to Keep, I loved the book and I still enjoy the main characters but without giving to much away I cannot say why I dislike Nash so much in this one even though part of the reason he is the way he is, is because of Kaylee. I cannot say much more for fear of giving anything away in this book. Still a must read!!!