Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Falling in Between

Jenna Baker is about to make the big leap! Cliff jumping that is, she is full of nerves before she tells the guy she has been crushing on for the past year how she feels. Her friend Sophie talks her into cliff jumping to get the butterflies in her stomach under control. She ends up knocking herself out under water and drowning. She awakes to the guy of her dreams giving her mouth to mouth . Things start to look up for her once she gets released from the hospital and starts dating Robert her crush. Chance on the other hand invades Jennas dreams. She carries on a relationship with both of them because whats the harm in having awesome life like dreams about a hot guy. Right? Until she finds out that Chance isnt just a figmant of her imagination he is actually a guy in coma that died the same time she did and now they are connected. Jenna has to choose between Mr. Perfect or try and help Chance out of a coma and be in a real relationship with him. Its a tough call because I really liked both Robert and Chance but you will have to read the book to find out who Jenna decides to be with. :)


Here is an interesting book about a girl named Julia. Julia was in a car accident that ended her best friends life. She cant remember what happened and she keeps dreaming that she was the one that died instead of Monica. After the accident Julia now has talents that she used to not possess like drawing even though she thinks its just doodeling she soon finds out that she has been drawing a celtic love knot that she has never seen before and writing a guys name that she known for a long who just started showing interest in her after he disappered for two days the week before. I really enjoyed reading this book, it was a quick read and I cant wait till the sequal comes out because ofcourse it left on a cliff hanger and I need to find out what happens to Julia, Evan and Reece.

Demons at deadnight

Just finished Demons at deadnight! I loved all the main characters. Aurora was snarky, Ayden was Sexy and funny yet serious all at the same time. Jayden was smart but not so commen sense smart which made me laugh. Blake kinda full of himself but also adorable and funny. Matthias very series and kind of a jerk at times but when he shows his sensitive side you cant help but fall in love with him. Tristan is sweet and passionate. And last but not least Logan was quit but when he did open up he was sweet. Yes there are six main guys in the book thank goodness not all of them are aiming for Aurora's attention but they are concerned about her safety. Aurora is a Divinicus which is very rare for a woman to be but she basically is able to track demons, Only Aurora and her guardian angel Gloria know that she is a divinicus. The hex boys as you come to know them are Demon hunters trying to protect a human as they know it from demons that have it out for her. At times Aurora could be a little agravating because she just couldnt let her guard down and trust the guys which is understandable but it just ends up leading her into trouble. I loved the plot of this book and cannot wait for the second book to be released so I can find out who the new mystery person is that got introduced on the last page. Talk about a freaking cliff hanger!

Monday, February 27, 2012


Lure is a book about Sirens and other Mythological Creatures. Charlotte is a normal teenager, that is until one night she gets drunk and hears a beautiful song coming from the ocean it lures her to the water where she almost drowns. Char finds out that she did drown but the only way that she could be saved was by being turned into a siren by Lorelei. Through this book Char finds out alot about Sirens, how they heal quickly, How to only survive off of salt water, Also that there is a hunter trying to find her and end her life , and thats not even the worst thing that could happen. She has to get her soul back before it gets auctioned off. The only way for her to get her soul back is for her to find true love. The only trick about true love is it isnt that easy to find. All in all I would say this is about a 6 or a 7 out of ten it was interesting enough to keep me reading without wanting to put it down, it was quick and didnt have a complicating plot. :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Summoning

It took me a bit to get through this one due to my new schedule, but once I got into it I couldn't put it down. Chloe dreams of working in the film industry, but she ends up being sent to a group home where she can get help for seeing ghosts. The problem is, she actually can. She finds out she is a very powerful necromancer. There are an abundance of secrets to be unfolded by Chole and her friends. I found her to be a clever and resourceful character and have a feeling she will get to the bottom of the evil scheming.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Destined (Dreams Realm Trilogy #2)

Laura is now a new vampire, she has to learn to how her body works, to control her desire to let go of her vampire instincts, and to wait for her first "feeding". Logan and Laura are now being chased after ALL the Vassiz (vampire's race) packs. As they are running away to get to Canada they meet 2 more visitors that help in their quest. Alexander and Madison are their new companions along with a bear named Gray that Laura adopted after attacking the hunters who killed the cubs bear. Logan and Laura decide to head to the archives with Alexander and Madison to find something new about the Elders. On their way Logan and Madison leave Laura alone, Alexander made the choice to stay with her. On their way to the archives Alexander and Laura were attacked about another Vassiz family, Laura and Alex fought back. Alex fought the 3 boys and Laura took on the "mom" of the family, Laura experienced her first feeding on a vampire, rather on a human. In the book this is an absolutely offense in the Vampire community. The fight did not go unscathed though, Alex got hit in the shoulder with an arm that had a poison on the tip. Now they try to get to the town where the archive is before Alexander dies and the other Vassiz catch them. This book was very well written and got me to buy the next book on!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince

Can I say I LOVE these books. I am so sad that the 3rd book doesn't come out until NEXT year!! I don't know if I can wait that long. These are so much better than the mortal instruments and I'm not exactly sure why I think it has to do with the setting and the characters. Tessa grew up in the human world not knowing that her parents were not completely human. Her Aunt was the one that raised her and her brother Nate. After her Aunt passed away, Nate convinced her to move to England. Not long after she got off the boat was she taken by 2 demon sisters, nicknamed the "dark sisters" They taught her to use her gift of shape shifting, which means she can take something of another person and change into them. She is locked in the dark sisters house and has been there for weeks before the shadowhunters find her and take her in during an investigation to a mundane's murder. This is a well written book and has a lot of twists and turns and treason on both sides of the fence. You also learn that Will, the shadowhunter that finds Tessa has his own little story he is trying to solve and get fixed so that he can fully love again!!!

Shattered (Dream Realms Trilogy #1)

When I started reading this book, I first thought it was about Elves or Fairies because they enter a parallel realm to reality that they call the dream world. You can do anything in the dream world that you cannot do in reality. A couple chapters in you find out it's about Vampires. This is a new take on vampires and their abilities. I wasn't very impressed at first, but then the story got interesting pretty fast and now I am on the 2nd book. Sophia Sharp does a great job with her writing. I love the outline that she has for this book. One minute you are in the dream world with Laura and Logan, then the next they are being chased after other vampires for going into the dream world! Great Book!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mayne Attraction

I have read this book four times now and I cant get enough of it. I would like to think that I am not obsessed but I am! Every time I read it after wards I have to get online and go to the website and read the other points of views from the story just to get my fill till the second and third book are released. Ellery is the main character in this awesome book she finds out she has a security surveillance following her not knowing why or who exactly is watching her she trys to go about her normal life. She trys to find ways to out her security detail by making friends with the most outlandish of people. Soon she finds out that she is in love with the guy that is watching her. Until one day an old flame appears and she has to choose who to be with, Ash the handsome hopeless romantic or Grayson the rich and seductive college student. Ann Mauren did a great job in really developing her characters. I felt like I could understand Ellery's thinking when she decided to do what she did in the end( which I wont say for fear of spoiling it). In this 800 and some odd page book it seems like its to much to handle but then you get near the end and you just dont want it to stop. I highly recommend reading this book. Also there is a short story for this book out called Barefoot heroine. Now unless you have the patience of a saint then you might want to wait till the second and third book come out because the ending just leaves you wanting more.

Friday, February 10, 2012


I happened upon this book from a B&N recommendation. After reading the synopsis of the book I wasnt quite sold on the story line so I went through and read some of the reviews from other readers. Sad to say the first review was not a good one at all, it had many complaints not only about the story line but also grammatical errors. So I read the next one hoping that someone else felt different, Thank goodness most of the rest of the reviews were good ones. So I purchased the book and started reading immediatly, Needless to say by the end of the day I had finished Ethereal. I couldnt put the book down not only did it have non stop action but it also had romance. I will admit I do enjoy me a good romance :). The story line was well thought out, and different from alot of Nephillim stories that I have read lately. Not only was there one hot guy but two! I loved the characters in this book, I will admit I am on the fence on what team I am on because I love Logans character and Gage's. Cant we just mesh them together and make one perfect man? I wish...... anyways (swipe drool away). If you have the time you should pick up this book or wait because the sixth one is coming out soon and once you start you will not want to stop because the fifth one leaves on a huge cliff hanger. :) I know what I am going to be doing for the next month or so... counting down the days till Expel comes out!

Friday, February 3, 2012


What can I say about Fracture other than the cover freaking rocks my socks off! I love how it fits the story so well. Delaney falls through the ice on the lake drowning. She gets saved ofcourse but ends up in coma. All doctors gather around her bed while she lay there in a coma talking about how she is brain dead and pretty much in a vegetative state, While they are talking Delaney can hear and see them but she cant move or talk. She somehow wakes up from her six day coma stunning the doctors. Delaney is a miracle so they say, she even thinks so till she meets Troy some one like her. After the accident she has had the capability to know when someone is about to die. It was a thrilling book and kept me guessing till the end. I loved the relationship that was built between Delaney and Decker. I felt bad for Troy the whole book he was just kind of pitiful and I wanted to not hate him even though sometimes he did things that were not right. Megan Miranda did an awesome job building her characters and the story flow was perfect! Its a good read... you should pick it up. :)