Monday, October 1, 2012

Metamorphosis Blog Tour

Metamorphosis (The Immortal Archives #2) by Devon Ashley (Goodreads Author) Change is not always a good thing... Some survived the battle – but not without a price. As one heart starts up again, another dies down. The pure vampires learn their immortality isn't as strong as they'd thought – the status of their hearts determines their vulnerability. And when the truth gets out, a betrayal by one of their own will cost more lives.

Metamorphosis picks up a couple of months after Ordained ends. I really liked Metamorphosis much more then ordained, Ordained was stuck mostly all at the academy and Metamorphosis is back home with Abby and Noel. There were certain parts of the book were I wanted to throw my nook up against the wall because I couldn't believe what certain characters were doing. I will say that in parts of the book were she was building up something I kind of guessed what was going to happen, But in other parts I was surprised when certain characters would show up.I liked the pace of Metamorphosis and I cant wait to see what happens between Emily and Gaius. I think that Abby and Noel even after three hundred years of being together have strengthened their relationship even more now and I cant get enough of how cute they are with each other. Can Catacombs be released now PLEASE! Great job Devon for dangling the fruit in front of ours noses and leaving us wanting more yet again. I will try and patiently await the arrival of Catacombs.

Just like before Devon has a rafflecopter going on please feel free to enter :) and good luck. a Rafflecopter giveaway