Sunday, January 29, 2012

On the Fringe

On the fringe is a sad love story, Claire a fifteen year old girl has a crush on her child hood friend who happens to be her best friends older brother, also her older brothers best friend. In the beginning it starts the story from Claires point of view how she wished she could tell Daniel how she feels for him. Sadly she never gets the chance to tell him how she feels because he gets murdered before she gets the courage to tell him. After Daniel passes Claire, Matthew and Addie all have different ways of trying to get over what has happened. Matthew goes off to college a shell of what he used to be not being able to get over watching his best friend die. Addie trys to put on a smiling face and fool everyone that she is alright. Claire cant even pretend to be happy even months after his death. From the point of view of Daniel after his passing he finds himself not able to move on to the afterlife he is stuck in the fringe not being able to communicate with any one. Until Claires sixteenth birthday, She trips and falls knocking herself unconcious and rolling into the lake. Daniel watching this happen doesnt know what to do until he just goes for her trying to get her out of the water and onto land, He is somehow able to touch her and save her. Four and a half minutes is how long Claire was dead for and now Daniel and Claire have a connection to eachother. Soon we find out that when Claire and Daniel have their connection another ghost from Daniels past comes and tries to harm Claire. Reading this book I really didnt know what was going to happen at all, it had me guessing to the very end. I really enjoyed reading On the fringe the writing style was smooth and the story line was different. Its a short and easy read. I suggest if you like kinda sad stories then you should pick this one up.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Anatomy of Peace

Is your heart at war or peace? Do you see others as objects or people? Your way of being is subtle but powerful way to invite others to change. The only persons actions you can control are your own. So when when whether we are acting out our behaviors or silently blaming others, we are choosing to put ourselves in "the box", or so it is reffered to in the book. I really enjoyed the practical applications this book shared for finding ways to have your heart find peace. It does focus a considerable amount on work related issues, but I feel you could apply the concepts to every relationship in your life. Sometimes finding peace is easier said than done, but once we have the desire we can find a way. If you find yourself quick to anger, depressed, or whatever negative emotion you may be feeling towards others, this book is a good read to for seeing others in a different light.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A beautiful dark

Ugh just finished this book. First off its about angels I wasnt expecting that because I didnt read anything about it I just started reading it. It also has a love triangle! lame :( The story was interesting enough to keep me reading but when it came to the end I couldnt believe it ended on that big of a cliff hanger. Very upsetting. Who knows when they are going to even release the second and third one either. My suggestion on this novel is a pass for now until maybe the rest of this series comes out and even then I just dont know if its worth reading.

The Book signing on Sat the 14th

Veronica Rossi and I at the changing hands in tempe. The book signing went great I thought that Veronica, Tahereh, and Ellen were very funny and great ladies. Other than the fact that I felt like a giant when I stood next to all of them, But whats new. Ha! Sadly I only thought to get a pic with Veronica and not the other two :( I dont know what I was thinking. Oh well next signing event there will be a bunch more authors. I have a bunch of books I need to read before I attend this one. Also the writing workshop that J and I attended with Tom Leveen was awesome. Tom Leveen is the author of party, which I have yet to read but its on my list! Tom was very funny also very informative when it comes to trying to write your own novels. :) Super excited for the 28th to come.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bad taste in boys

"I heard a sound from the hallway, but I was busy. I'd get back to my usual hypervigilance later. But then I became aware of a familiar, fetid scent. It smelled like toasted poop, but with a new undertone of corruption, like the poop had been left to rot in the sun for a couple of days and got all slimy and putrid."
Just a small quote of many from this short but funny book! I picked this book up thinking it was going to be completly different from what it actually was. I was surprised at how funny it was but also at the same time kinda creepy. I really enjoyed it!! Its only about a hundred and fifty pages long so its a super quick read. Pick it up if your a zombie fan.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shatter Me

When starting this book the writing style was weird and kinda confusing in spots. The story line in the beginning kept me entertained, I decided it was worth finishing. Towards the end it started to seem like a very bad knock off of x-men. Needless to say I probably wont be reading the second and third book of this series.

Under The Never Sky

Just finished Under the never sky omg it is so good! If you like Dystopian themed books you will really enjoy this one. The only thing I have to say is that I am sad that this is the first one and now I am going to have to wait till the next one comes out. I am an inpatient twerp. :) Also super excited that I get to meet the author on sat for this book.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book Signing Event yay!

For anyone that enjoys meeting authors and getting their books signed. I thought I would let you know that Sat the 14th they are having a book signing at changing hands in tempe at 4pm. Authors that will be there include...
VERONICA ROSSI - Under the never sky
ELLEN SCHREIBER- Vampire kiss series
I for one will be there ;) Also on sat the 28th changing hands will be holding yet another book signing except it will be held at 1221 N. Central Ave, Phoenix 85004 also at 4pm except there will be alot more authors there such as....
Tom Leveen- Party
Cecil Castellucci- First day on earth
C.J. Hill- Slayers
Adam Rex- Fat vampire
Robin Brande- Parallelogram
Amy Fellner Dominy-Oymg
Aprilynne Pike- Wings
Bree Despain- The last saint
Anna Carey-Eve
Kiersten White- Paranormalcy
James A. Owen- The dragons apprentice
I will also be attending this one :) I already have my wings and spells signed but would love to get my Illusions signed by Aprilynne Pike, She is such a nice person and has adorable children :).. Also excited about getting my Paranormalcy and Supernaturally Signed by Kiersten White. If anyone wants to join me in this one we could possibly carpool just let me know.

The Zellie Wells trilogy

Different from anything I have been reading lately this trilogy is awesome I really enjoyed it!! This book is about Retroacts, Lookouts,Seers, and mind controllers. Since all paranormal and supernatural stuff lately has kinda been overdone for me lately is was a nice break to read these books. I really enjoyed all the main characters especially Zellie, Melody and Claire their Snarkyness(if thats a word :) ) alone made this book great. Although it contained alot of adult content. It was kind of needed for the book seeing as how the retros dont come into their powers until they meet their triggers. Their triggers are someone that they are so sexually attracted to they cant stand being without them. The sad thing about the triggers is that once the retros decide to stay with their triggers they are doomed to die they can never live happily ever after. Unless you find a loophole like Zellie does in the second book with Avery. Call me nervous pervous but man I was biting all my finger nails off until the end of this book. A good thing about this series is they are quick reads, I felt like I just started the first book Glimpse and now I have already finished Glow. So If you have some time to just lounge around I suggest looking into this series you may actually enjoy it. :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

about soul screamers series

Just found out that there is going to be another book released in this series!! Before I wake. So if you have yet to start the soul screamers series then I suggest you wait till this one comes out to start. :)