Friday, December 23, 2011


After her first year at hex hall, Sophie Mercer discovers she has more power than she realized, and on top of things that she is a demon. After seeing her demon great grandmother Alice slaughter Elodie, Sophie decides she wants to go through the removal. In this book, Sophie is shipped off to England to be with her father and learn what it truly means to be a demon. She faces many obstacles in this book, one of which is her love for Archer and him being an Eye. The more she uncovers about being a demon, the closer she comes to finding out about a betrayal that runs rather deep. You will love this book! Sophies snarky personality continues to make me laugh.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hex Hall

Witches, weres, shapshifters, and vampires.....Sophie Mercer finds herself in the confinds of Hecate Hall due to a love spell gone wrong. (which they refer to as a wenie spell) The students found at Hex Hall have all done something to earn entry there. Sophie however is an outcast among outcasts and all the people there she befriends the only vampire. Students start showing up half dead and drained of blood, bringing Jenna (the vampire) into question. Sophie does all she can to help defend her friend and finds out about her past and future in the process.
Her sarcastic fiery personality will keep you laughing. That along with the creepy factor make for a fun read!

Monday, December 12, 2011


Bleep! This book I have to admit isn't as good as the first. Evie struggles with her need to suck souls in this book. She wants to live as normal of a life as possible, but finds herself going back to IPCA wanting to help the paranormals in her own way. She discovers that even though she has the power to take life away, it doesn't change who she is as a person.
Lend is in college in this book and still part of Evies life. The book ends on a good note, and there are few issues that could be further expounded, but the series could end there and be fine.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Sookie Stackhouse Series

I am reading the Sookie Stackhouse series. I know most of you might know the series on HBO called Trueblood. Well this series is based off of the books I am reading. I am on book 8, I believe. It is such an intense series...each book has a new crazy event happening in the "supe" world. First was the Fellowship of the Sun craziness...this is a church that is anti-vampire and anti-vampire friends...then they add more like, werepanthers or weretigers. If you want a great long series or story to follow and love the Trueblood show, these would be great books for you! They are easy reads, too. I read it while I am falling asleep and can still understand what is going on the next day!

Hunger Games

<p>Just finished the series today. I really liked it. I could feel the joys, sorrows, confusion and doubts of Katniss. Can't wait for the upcoming movies.</p>

Deadly Little Voices

This is the fourth book in the touch series. In this newest addition we find out that Camelia and Ben are no longer together. Sad day :( also Camelias psychometry powers are getting stronger not only can she perdict the future while she is making pottery but now she is hearing voices and seeing visions. Will Camelias powers drive her over the edge into crazy town? Or will she be able to us them to help a friend out? Read this series it may be short but each book has a good story line. It always kept me entertained, I couldnt put the book down till the very end.