Monday, October 24, 2011


Wither! What can I say about Wither. The book starts out with Rhine a sixteen year old girl awaiting her fate to be either sold into prostitution, made into a bride or murdered. First thought on the book is that this has the pontential to be very interesting. After reading a couple chapters in you find that she has been sold to become a bride and that every female only lives to the age of twenty and all males live to twenty five. Now dont get me wrong this is a decent book but I think she could have fit all three books in one seeing as how nothing really happens in the first one. Rhine and her sister wives learn to live with eachother and the situation they are in, and learn to at least pretend to love their husband. Rhine meets a slave boy around her same age and they escape together. There was so much built up suspense but no real resolution. Sorry spoiler but honestly kind of predictable.

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