Monday, June 25, 2012

Ordained...Blog Tour and GIveaway :)

Ordained (The Immortal Archives #1) by Devon Ashley (Goodreads Author) Normally, the school creates the hunters - not the monsters. Abby Sorrensten likes to play rough. Ripping the horns off the foreheads of demons, manipulating lightning and setting things on fire with the flick of your wrist can give you a serious rush. So she probably wasn’t the best choice for the Order’s experimental training program. Thirteen years of isolation, lack of affection and a bruised and broken body from horrendous training sessions creates more than just an exceptional fighter. It creates an evil within - an evil responsible for several deaths the night she left. Two hundred years later Abby resurfaces as the very thing the Order trained her to kill: a vampire. A mythical demon has set his sights on the school and only the ordained hunter has the powers to face it. Unbeknownst to the Order, Abby’s their precious ordained one and their only chance for survival. As much as she would love to leave them hanging, she’s not willing to risk the life of Emily, a fellow friend and hunter also fed up with the organization. But for Abby, locking herself away in a fortress with angry descendents of those she killed causes suspicions and tensions to run high. Abby must learn the demon’s weaknesses for battle before the Order learns hers. My Review: My first thoughts on the book... The prelude was intriguing and sucked me in from the beginning. I couldnt wait to find out what led up to the situation of Abby being abused and hurt like that. I enjoyed the twist that Devon took on vampires, how the original vampires could wear a cross and drink holy water and not be affected. I liked how it explained how they became that way. I know some readers dont enjoy to much back story because it can feel like an overload of information sometimes but I thought there was just enough info to not be confused with the story line. I will admit it seemed like at times there was just a little to many things with Abby not only was she the Ordained one but she was also a vampire and a huntress. At one point you think you know everything about her and then you find out more secrets. It's like she fell out of the supernatural tree and hit every branch on the way down. It could get a tad confusing just because she was so many things but all in all I enjoyed Abby's character. Her snarky and Bad Ass attitude just made her awesome! For the most part I enjoyed almost all of the characters in this book. I do wish that Emily was a little more developed but I still liked her. Devon did a great job at thinking outside the box with this one, I am looking forward to reading metamorphosis. I will hopefully be doing the blog tour for that book also so check back for my review on that one in August. :) Follow this link to sign up for the giveaway. Goodluck!

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