Friday, April 27, 2012


At first glance, The cover rocks my socks! I really like the way the title and cover go so well with what the book is about. I looked up the second book and feel the same way, They are awesome. Now on to the actual book part, Terra Harmony has come up with an amazing idea for a book that was creative and original. I really enjoyed the ride I was on while reading this. First Kaitlyn is on a mountain escaping an avalanch, next she is in a room not knowing where or who has her. I loved Kaitlyn's character she was snarky and very strong willed which I like to see in Main character's. Terra did a great job building up the characters relationships with eachother. Whenever Shawn would do anything and Kaitlyn would react even under stress and abuse with her snarky attitude I wanted to give her a high five for being so strong! She didnt just surfer through the abuse and try and wait out being rescued she actually tried to save herself, Props to her! The ending I kind of saw coming but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. I just purchased the second book Air and I am going to start it right now. ;)Thanks Shut and read for giving me this book to review I throughly enjoyed it.

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