Friday, March 23, 2012


Expel picks up right were Vex ends. If you havent read this series yet then I suggest you stop reading this review because it is filled with a lot of spoilers! Fair warning........Are you sure you want to continue?....... Ok dont say I told you so! After Gage and Logan have been throughly mowed over by the mustang, Skyla is yanked into the future with a past self and a past Logan. Logan wants Skyla to save him from the transfer. It was sad to see Logan in the liquid drano(what Skyla calls it) knowing that he died from the accident but I was more worried about Gage and hoping that he had survived the hit and run. Throughout the first little bit of this book its touch and go on if both Gage and Logan are alive. I think I bit off all my finger nails I couldnt stop reading for anything I had to find out what happened to them. Its tough following Skyla through all her missadeventure's, At some point in the book I wanted to throw my hands in the air and say why, why, why. I mean Skyla's little liplocks with Marshall had to come out at some point but the way it happened just made Skyla look like a huge hussy and I felt awful when Gage stormed out of the house. Addison is a very creative story teller and she likes to throw curve balls into the story every now and then just to keep you on your toes. For the most part they were all good curve balls but the ending I just couldnt believe. I had to reread the last chapter twice just to make sure I somehow didnt misread it and ofcourse I didnt which makes my heart hurt. I cannot believe how this book ends! Through this entire series I have loved the Gage and Skyla duo and now I have no idea what to think its like the last two paragraphs of the entire book blew my brains out. I do like Logan and Skyla together and Marshall and Skyla together but Gage was my favorite and to find out that he was in cahoots with Chloe the evil B*@#* just breaks my heart. :( I dont know how I am going to be able to wait till the seventh book comes out because the ending dropped a freaking bomb and I cant get over what happened. As per her usual Addison has told an amazing tale that I will not be able to get out of my head for months to come until I can start the count down for the seventh book to be released. I must say, I am officially obessed and its bad obessed not good obessed. Why oh why did you have to release this by itself? Couldnt it just continue, I mean it was already into the 1200 or so pages why not shoot for the moon and continue? I know there had to be some stopping point but omg really? ok I am going to stop rambling now and if you happen to actually make it all the way to this point kudo's for you. :)

I give it five stars because it was an amazing book that had me wanting more after I finished it. If you havent picked up this series yet then you dont know what your missing.

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  1. Kwee, First, thank you for this review! This is the most detailed and impassioned I've yet to see! And I LOVE that 'it's bad obsessed and not good obsessed.' That's the best kind. *big smile* Please join me Tuesday for the first teasers of Book 7. I can't wait to share the rest of Skyla's story with you! Oh, and BTW, I do love to throw some mean curve balls in the story. It's my natural inclination when I'm writing a story- I like to make sure the reader is having a nice jolt of surprise every now and again. ;) Thank you again!