Friday, March 2, 2012


I am just going to say it! I havent read a book lately that has brought tears to my eyes but also had me giggling like a school girl throughout the entire book. I feel silly admitting that I cried in this book. I dont know if that was what the author was going for but the last chapter was just so amazing I dont have words to describe it. I loved that Clara was smart and strong unlike some of the main characters in other novels who are kinda whiney and ridiculous. I cant wait to get the second book in my hands my impatience is killing me. I just read the sample on my nook and I can tell thats its going to be amazing book. I might have to wait to read it the third one doesnt come out till early 2013 and I am sure that it will be left on a cliff hanger, per usual second books. Or I may just read it now any ways.:) This book is about angel bloods and fallen angels. Yes I am reading more angel stuff I cant help it there are some really good books out lately about angels! I like so I shall read. :) Check this book out it is worth the time to read.

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  1. Did you buy a hard copy, or is it on your nook? I qant to read it!