Monday, March 5, 2012


I finished Hallowed! It was amazing just like the first one. Cynthia Hand did not dissappoint thats for sure. Clara was Sad alot of the times in this book which just made me sad and yes I cried in this book like I did in the first one. I promise I am not a softy but Cynthia has a way with her words ;). I cannot wait till the third one in this series comes out. Bring on 2013! If you have yet to even start the first one trust me if you were to pick one series this year to read it should be this one! I want to know what happens between Tucker and Clara. With that being said I also want to find out what happens between Christian and Clara! What will the third book bring? The second book has answered alot of questions already, also will there end up being a big battle in the end? To many questions and not enough answers! If you enjoy books about angels then give this one a chance.

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