Thursday, March 22, 2012

A marked past

This is my review straight from goodreads. :)

** spoiler alert ** A marked past was given to me for an honest review. Lets start with the pro's of the book. First it was creative enough to be set apart from other witch books I have read recently. Second it had alot of action and just enough romance to make it believable. It isnt like other YA novels were the mc falls in love right from the begining. Thirdthe main characters werent that annoying sometimes MC heriones can really get on my nerves, But Lyla was alright other then sometimes when she decided to keep important information to herself that could potentially harm others, I am willing to look past her faults. :) On to the cons! First the plot was just way to predictable I felt like I knew what was going on right when she moved to Salem and it didnt leave me guessing at all. Second I didnt understand why Nathan had to be killed off in the end because Hana was able to revive Lucas why couldnt she save Nathan? Other then that I didnt have any issues with the book. I gave the Book three stars because I felt that it could have been a little better but if you have time to waste then you could waste it reading this book and not feel like you need the last two hours back from your life. :)

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