Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Zellie Wells trilogy

Different from anything I have been reading lately this trilogy is awesome I really enjoyed it!! This book is about Retroacts, Lookouts,Seers, and mind controllers. Since all paranormal and supernatural stuff lately has kinda been overdone for me lately is was a nice break to read these books. I really enjoyed all the main characters especially Zellie, Melody and Claire their Snarkyness(if thats a word :) ) alone made this book great. Although it contained alot of adult content. It was kind of needed for the book seeing as how the retros dont come into their powers until they meet their triggers. Their triggers are someone that they are so sexually attracted to they cant stand being without them. The sad thing about the triggers is that once the retros decide to stay with their triggers they are doomed to die they can never live happily ever after. Unless you find a loophole like Zellie does in the second book with Avery. Call me nervous pervous but man I was biting all my finger nails off until the end of this book. A good thing about this series is they are quick reads, I felt like I just started the first book Glimpse and now I have already finished Glow. So If you have some time to just lounge around I suggest looking into this series you may actually enjoy it. :)

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