Sunday, January 29, 2012

On the Fringe

On the fringe is a sad love story, Claire a fifteen year old girl has a crush on her child hood friend who happens to be her best friends older brother, also her older brothers best friend. In the beginning it starts the story from Claires point of view how she wished she could tell Daniel how she feels for him. Sadly she never gets the chance to tell him how she feels because he gets murdered before she gets the courage to tell him. After Daniel passes Claire, Matthew and Addie all have different ways of trying to get over what has happened. Matthew goes off to college a shell of what he used to be not being able to get over watching his best friend die. Addie trys to put on a smiling face and fool everyone that she is alright. Claire cant even pretend to be happy even months after his death. From the point of view of Daniel after his passing he finds himself not able to move on to the afterlife he is stuck in the fringe not being able to communicate with any one. Until Claires sixteenth birthday, She trips and falls knocking herself unconcious and rolling into the lake. Daniel watching this happen doesnt know what to do until he just goes for her trying to get her out of the water and onto land, He is somehow able to touch her and save her. Four and a half minutes is how long Claire was dead for and now Daniel and Claire have a connection to eachother. Soon we find out that when Claire and Daniel have their connection another ghost from Daniels past comes and tries to harm Claire. Reading this book I really didnt know what was going to happen at all, it had me guessing to the very end. I really enjoyed reading On the fringe the writing style was smooth and the story line was different. Its a short and easy read. I suggest if you like kinda sad stories then you should pick this one up.

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