Monday, January 23, 2012

The Anatomy of Peace

Is your heart at war or peace? Do you see others as objects or people? Your way of being is subtle but powerful way to invite others to change. The only persons actions you can control are your own. So when when whether we are acting out our behaviors or silently blaming others, we are choosing to put ourselves in "the box", or so it is reffered to in the book. I really enjoyed the practical applications this book shared for finding ways to have your heart find peace. It does focus a considerable amount on work related issues, but I feel you could apply the concepts to every relationship in your life. Sometimes finding peace is easier said than done, but once we have the desire we can find a way. If you find yourself quick to anger, depressed, or whatever negative emotion you may be feeling towards others, this book is a good read to for seeing others in a different light.

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