Friday, February 3, 2012


What can I say about Fracture other than the cover freaking rocks my socks off! I love how it fits the story so well. Delaney falls through the ice on the lake drowning. She gets saved ofcourse but ends up in coma. All doctors gather around her bed while she lay there in a coma talking about how she is brain dead and pretty much in a vegetative state, While they are talking Delaney can hear and see them but she cant move or talk. She somehow wakes up from her six day coma stunning the doctors. Delaney is a miracle so they say, she even thinks so till she meets Troy some one like her. After the accident she has had the capability to know when someone is about to die. It was a thrilling book and kept me guessing till the end. I loved the relationship that was built between Delaney and Decker. I felt bad for Troy the whole book he was just kind of pitiful and I wanted to not hate him even though sometimes he did things that were not right. Megan Miranda did an awesome job building her characters and the story flow was perfect! Its a good read... you should pick it up. :)

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