Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Falling in Between

Jenna Baker is about to make the big leap! Cliff jumping that is, she is full of nerves before she tells the guy she has been crushing on for the past year how she feels. Her friend Sophie talks her into cliff jumping to get the butterflies in her stomach under control. She ends up knocking herself out under water and drowning. She awakes to the guy of her dreams giving her mouth to mouth . Things start to look up for her once she gets released from the hospital and starts dating Robert her crush. Chance on the other hand invades Jennas dreams. She carries on a relationship with both of them because whats the harm in having awesome life like dreams about a hot guy. Right? Until she finds out that Chance isnt just a figmant of her imagination he is actually a guy in coma that died the same time she did and now they are connected. Jenna has to choose between Mr. Perfect or try and help Chance out of a coma and be in a real relationship with him. Its a tough call because I really liked both Robert and Chance but you will have to read the book to find out who Jenna decides to be with. :)

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