Friday, February 17, 2012

Destined (Dreams Realm Trilogy #2)

Laura is now a new vampire, she has to learn to how her body works, to control her desire to let go of her vampire instincts, and to wait for her first "feeding". Logan and Laura are now being chased after ALL the Vassiz (vampire's race) packs. As they are running away to get to Canada they meet 2 more visitors that help in their quest. Alexander and Madison are their new companions along with a bear named Gray that Laura adopted after attacking the hunters who killed the cubs bear. Logan and Laura decide to head to the archives with Alexander and Madison to find something new about the Elders. On their way Logan and Madison leave Laura alone, Alexander made the choice to stay with her. On their way to the archives Alexander and Laura were attacked about another Vassiz family, Laura and Alex fought back. Alex fought the 3 boys and Laura took on the "mom" of the family, Laura experienced her first feeding on a vampire, rather on a human. In the book this is an absolutely offense in the Vampire community. The fight did not go unscathed though, Alex got hit in the shoulder with an arm that had a poison on the tip. Now they try to get to the town where the archive is before Alexander dies and the other Vassiz catch them. This book was very well written and got me to buy the next book on!

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